Students from Bulkley Valley Christian School will once again clean up Highway 16 between Telkwa and Evelyn.

On April 26, students in grades 8-12 will be scattering down Highway 16 to pick up and bag the highway’s winter waste.

According to a press release, the students will be armed with gloves and bags.

“The students’ efforts to clean up the highway have been appreciated by Bulkley Valley residents for over three decades. It is an expression of the community and the environment,” a press release said.

He added that local businesses, families and individuals are supporting the initiative by making sponsorship donations.

Litter-a-thon proceeds go to student accounts.

From these accounts, students can pay for extracurricular fees, course activities, and more.

Travelers are reminded to be extra careful when driving on the highway during the litter-a-thon and to be advised that there will be an increased RCMP presence.

Meanwhile, in Houston, the Houston and District Chamber of Commerce showcase event will take place next week from April 25-29.

This event encourages residents to clean up the community.

Anyone wishing to participate in Pitch-In is encouraged to contact the Houston Chamber of Commerce.